Public Works

Rebecca Wrage, Public Works Director

227 Main Street PO Box 146

Janesville, Iowa 50647-0146

Telephone: (319) 987-2990

Cell Phone: (319) 464-2863

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David Flood, Street Maintenance Supervisor

227 Main Street PO Box 146

Janesville, Iowa 50647-0146

Telephone: (319) 987-2990

Cell Phone: (319) 464-2864

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 Public Works Assistant

 Eric Ver Steegt

227 Main Street PO Box 146

Janesville, Iowa 50647-0146




-Water meters are read the first two working days of each month.  Bills are mailed on or about the 15th of each month and are due by the 5th of the following month.

-During the winter months, city residents and businesses should be aware of the possibility of their water service lines freezing.  Water in service lines below 40 degrees may freeze. Check the temperature of water from your cold-water faucet after letting it run for a few minutes.  If it is below 40 degrees you should consider letting your water run at a steady stream about the size of a pencil.  This should help keep your pipes from freezing, but WILL increase your water as well as your sewer bill.  Home Owners are responsible for the increased fees.

-Application for Connection to Public Water System


**  Water Rates & Sewer Service Changes Have Increased  (Article published on 11/22/17) **

  Just a reminder to all city residents, the new rate increase was put into affect on the November 2017 city bill. The "DS" stands for Debt Service, which is a flat fee for the Barrick Road Water Improvement Project.  This is a fee that is charged to all service lines connected to city water. Please call the City Clerks Office at (319)987-2905 with any questions or concerns.


**  Water Rates & Sewer Service Charges will be Increasing  (Article published on 9/15/15)  ** 

The city has and will continue to experience increased operational costs for the city's water and sewer systems, including the purchase of bulk water from Centrral Iowa Water Association, and for the proposed Barrick Road Water Improvement and Sewer Lift Station Installation Projects.  To offset these rising costs, the Council has proposed a 35% increase in water rates and a 20% increase in sewer service charges. Click HERE to see and review the proposed ordinances and Water Rate comparison Spread Sheet.


Annual Water Quality Report

Water Quality Report '19 Page 2. Page 3.

Water Quality Report '18

                            Part 2

Water Quality Report '17

Water Quality Report '16   P.1

Water Quality Report '16    P.2

For questions regarding this information or how you can get involved in decions regarding the water system, please contact Janesville Water Suply at (319)987-2990 or Public Works Director at (319)464-2863during the following hours, 8am-4pm. Decisions regarding the water system are made during the Janesville City Council meeting which is held on the 2nd Monday of the month at 7pm at 227 Main Street (City Hall) and is open to the public. The Consumer Confidence Report will publish in the Waverly Democrat, is available at the Janesville City Hall upon request and will not be mailed.



-Please do not dump grease down the drain as it clogs the pipes.

-Application for Connection to Public Sewer System



-City of Janesville Street Map



Two Toter Sizes:  64-gallon or 96-gallon

Collection Day is Tuesday (unless holiday, then Wednesday)

Toters must be placed at curb/street side prior to 4:00 a.m. on collection day with the lid completely closed.  Specially marked bags, for garbage in excess of your toter, may be purchased at the City Clerk's Office or Janesville Library for $2.00 each.


A residential curbside recycling program is available to all city residents. 

Collection Day is Tuesday (unless holiday, then Wednesday)

The city received a grant to be able to provide standard recyclable containers for every household within the city limits. These totes were delivered to residents October 2015. Materials for curbside recycling should be placed in your tote, and the tote should be placed neatly at the curb. 

Accepted Recycling Material,

  • tin & aluminum containers
  • # 1 through # 7 plastics (soda bottles, milk, and detergent jugs)
  • newspaper
  • magazines
  • junk mail
  • office & shredded paper
  • corrugated cardboard & chipboard

PLEASE Do Not bag your recycling.

Items NOT accepted in Recycling,

  • Soiled cardboard boxed, Ex: Greesey Pizza Box
  • Plastic Grocery/retail bags
  • Styrofom of any kind
  • glass of any kind


Since our customer refuse fees are partially based on the tonnage delivered to the landfill, it is in our best interest to promote recycling in our city.  Recycling will help our environment and reduce landfill costs!  Your participation in the city's recycling program is greatly appreciated! 

Recycling Tote Placement Info

Recycling Guidline Info

Yard Waste/Automobile Batteries/Tires/Rims/Appliance Disposal

Yard Waste, Automobile Batteries, Tires, Rims, and Appliances may be picked up by City Personnel on Tuesday of each week, unless otherwise announced.  Items must be paid for, in advance, to the City Clerk's Office as follows: 

  • Yard Waste - No Fee Charged
  • Automobile Batteries - $1.00 each
  • Tires - $4.00 each (Size 15" or smaller)
  • Tires - $9.00 each (Size 16" - 20")
  • Rims - $4.00 each (Size 15" or smaller)
  • Rims - $9.00 each (Size 16" - 20 ")
  • Appliances Designed Without Freon - $12.00 each
  • Appliances Designed to Contain Freon - $17.00 each


Yard Waste to be collected by City Personnel must be placed in biodegradable garbage bags and/or tied in bundles weighing no more than thirty pounds (30#) each and placed near the curb.  If you prefer to haul your yard waste to the city's yard waste site, you must make prior arrangements with city personnel as the site cannot be accessed without their assistance.

Disposal & Recycling Form


Other Forms:

 Application for All Construction in Right of Way

 Application for Sidewalk/Driveway Construction or Removal Permit

 Sidewalk Regulations