Special Project Update -Barrick Road Water Main Project

.After over a year of planning with Janesville’s engineer and financial advisor, a contract was awarded to Blazek Corporation for the Barrick Road Water Main Improvement project.   This project added a second water line under the river starting near the water tower on the west side of town. This 8-inch line was bored under the river, east past the school to the Pine Street connection.  Several dead-end lines were eliminated on connecting north and south streets, eight new fire hydrants were added, and the water volume was increased substantially. A 708,000.00 SRF Construction Loan was used to fund this project.  The majority of this project was completed by October 31,2017, however, 100 percent completion and final approval/acceptance isn’t expected until this spring. 

Janesville Park and Safe Routes Concepts

Master Plan for Janesville Park and Safe Routes Concepts

City officials are working hard on safe routes for children to get to school and back home.  Ideas include updating the sidewalks, the new pedestrian bridge across the Cedar River, and a 4-way stop sign at N. Maple and W. Barrick Road. 

Update: The City of Janesville is happy to announce the above projects have all been completed. Additional new ideas and projects are being pursued to help make Janesville a safer community for all!


Janesville Veteran's Memorial

Project Complete!

The offical unveiling of the New Memorial Project was held on October 27th, 2013 at the Janesville Riviera Roose Community Center. The program included honoring Veterans and thanking donors.  The colors were presented by American Legion Post 522.  Bricks can still be purchased for any veteran either resident or non resident of Janesville.

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Barrick Road Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge Project

 Project Complete!

The Barrick Road Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge officially opened the summer of 2014! A special dedication ceremony was held on Sunday August 10th, with Angie Hjelmeland speaking about the road she traveled to bring the bridge to life and also a brief speech from Mayor Sandi Carroll and former Mayor Jim McKay.

Special Project Update -Hardwood Estates Subdivision

1/24/18     Janesville welcomes Hardwood Estates, a new residential housing development on the west side of town.  Phase one will consist of 25 homes, phase two and three include an additional 50 residential lots and a 2.35-acre park.  A unique bio-swale system will be installed in this development.