Halloween Trick or Treat Hours 2020

Halloween 2020 Trick or Treat hours will be from 5pm-8pm on Saturday October 31st. Please have your porch light on if you wish to participate. Thank You and Have a safe and happy halloween! 

Update from the Janesville 1st Responders & Janesville Fire-Rescue

Hey everyone, as we work through this pandemic, we would like to remind everyone to please stay home and practice social distancing if you are able. It may be annoying but it really truly helps!

From the Janesville 1st Responders:

We want to ensure everyone that the Janesville 1st Responders are still here to assist you with ANY medical emergency you may have. If you are experiencing any shortness of breath, a fever, or cough, PLEASE let dispatch know when you call so they can alert us and we can stay safe ourselves. Don't be surprised if dispatch asks you these questions as well. Also our protocols have been changing, so if you call for assistance, please don't be alarmed if we arrive in Full Personal Protective Equipment and do a quick assessment before our standard procedures, again, it is to ensure our safety so we can continue helping those in need! If you have a mask and have respiratory symptoms, please apply your mask prior to our arrival into your home.

From Janesville Fire-Rescue:

We would like to pass on that Janesville Fire-Rescue has had discussions and taken action to ensure the citizens in our community will continue to receive the same level of service you have come to expect. We have made sure that all our firefighters have N95 masks and gloves that you may see us wearing dependent on the call we are responding to. We are also practicing social distancing to ensure all our firefighters maintain their health and the integrity of our department.

Lastly as much as we appreciate your continued support and donations, we are temporarily removing our can collection bins. This eliminates the possible exposure to the firefighters responsible for taking care of those bins during this time. We will look into getting them back in place sometime in the month of May.

On behalf of both the 1st Responders and Fire-Rescue, Thank you for your understanding and please keep each other safe and healthy by complying with recommendations and mandates put out by our local, state, and Federal officials. We wish everyone well and hope we can assist in keeping our community healthy! Thank You!

Tips to Avoid the Flu & Other Viruses

Check out the flyers below for some helpful information and reminders! 

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