Sandy Salmon, Town Hall Meeting

Town Hall Meeting with Representative Sandy Salmon. Bring your questions, comments, or concerns to Janesville City Hall on Feb 24th from 9-10am

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Water Rates & Sewer Service Changes Have Increased

**  Water Rates & Sewer Service Changes Have Increased  (Article published on 11/22/17) **

  Just a reminder to all city residents, the new rate increase was put into affect on the November 2017 city bill. The "DS" stands for Debt Service, which is a flat fee for the Barrick Road Water Improvement Project.  This is a fee that is charged to all service lines connected to city water. Please call the City Clerks Office at (319)987-2905 with any questions or concerns.


** Water Rates & Sewer Service Charges Increasing **  (Article Published on 9/15/15)

The city has and will continue to experience increased operational costs for the city's water and sewer systems, including the purchase of bulk water from Centrral Iowa Water Association, and for the proposed Barrick Road Water Improvement and Sewer Lift Station Installation Projects.  To offset these rising costs, the Council has proposed a 35% increase in water rates and a 20% increase in sewer service charges.  Listed below are the ordinances. 

Ordinance 324

Ordinance 325

Water Comparison Spreadsheet


Butler-Bremer Communications

The following notice includes very important information in regards to the Butler-Bremer communications Fiber to the Home project in Janesville and surrounding area. Please read it closely. There are a number of items covered and we apologize for the lenght of the letter but this document attempts to answer a number of questions related to this project. You can return the request form (page 5) to Butler-Bremer - P.O. Box 99, 715 Main Street - Plainfield IA, 50666  or  to the Janesville City Clerk's Office.

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SCAM Alert

There is Scam tht has made a recent appearance, Below is an example. The best way to combat the scam is to make people aware. Thank You.

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Due to recent area thefts, we are urging residents to please remove all valuables and always lock the doors when you exit your vehicle.  Please make sure that keys, wallets, purses, phones, etc. are not left in plain view.  Many of the vehicle thefts are occurring in vehicles that are left unlocked with items unsecured. 

Additionally, please keep items, such as bicycles, lawnmowers, weed eaters, tractors, ATVs, in a locked garage or shed, or secured with a lock and chain.

If you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood, report it immediately to law enforcement.


24/7 Contact:

Janesville Police Department – (319) 352-5400 - (Bremer-Waverly Law Enforcement Center)

Bremer-Waverly Law Enforcement Center – (319) 352-5400

Black Hawk County Dispatch Center – (319) 291-2515